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The shipyard is equipped for all your projects involving repair – dry berthing – maintenance or technical assistance.

Today, the new management places experience and determination at the heart of its project, as well as the ability to plan and realise the most ambitious of projects.
The primary goal has been predefined as ensuring the stable and continuous growth of the shipyard itself.

The Shipyard is where our passion, experience and professionalism are concentrated, before evolving into excellence.

Our desire is to transform the existing area of the San Rocco Shipyards and to launch an important entrepreneurial project with a new business model. Our goal is the gradual modernization of the area within the Shipyard and to attain a level of excellence across of the entire range of our offerings. Our ambition is to provide a range of services that satisfy the needs of the customer, from their arrival to their departure.

The Shipyard is specialised in the repair, maintenance and refitting of sailboats and motorboats. Thanks to its extension and the equipment, the Shipyard is able to offer a professional and quality service.

a few of our services

refit and repair

We offer an excellent repair and refit service to return your boat to you as if it were new, drawing on the experience, professionalism and know-how of our strategic management, together with our internal and external contractors. 

When it comes to large projects, we give our all. Our experience in the world of marine engineering extends from the biggest companies in yachting, to the San Rocco International Shipyard today.

Our secret also lies in the planning and sharing of all the work activities, and having a team capable of carrying out and coordinating every stage of preparation and execution of the service.

winter berthing

Dry berthing means devoting time to all the tasks required to maintain the boat in excellent condition so that it is perfect for the summer.

Our facility offers the space and experience you need, with over 300 berths and 3500 m2 of covered surface area to manage the important step of dry berthing as a time for preventative and ordinary maintenance on the entire boat.

We approach this moment, which is so special for many of you, with rigour. Our check list highlights all the work necessary to provide an excellent maintenance service to keep the boat safe, as well as making sure that no important work is left undone.


We have a long track record of taking care of things with experience and professionalism that sets us apart.

San Rocco International Shipyard, through careful consultation with the customer, offers a series of services for boats, overseeing all the minor maintenance and repair work that can be carried out in the shipyard.

One of the main services is the ability to dialogue with marine engineers to identify solutions for any problem that may occur.

·       A wide range of works are carried out 

·       Motor work

·       Work on on-board systems

·       Structural work


Our team is able to provide technical and operational assistance service in the shipyard, alongside technical support services such as surveying and project management, ensuring a comprehensive 360° service.


Are you interested in one of our services? Go to the contacts section to tell us about your project. Together, we can determine the ideal solution for your requirements.